50 things I’ve learned in as many years

50 things
Photo by Seyedeh Hamideh Kazemi on Unsplash

Today I celebrate my birthday. Here are 50 things I’ve learned in as many years.

1. I may turn away from God but He never turns away from me.

2. You have to teach people how to treat you.

3. No is the most important word you’ll utter. Say it often.

4. Don’t make an idol of your children. They’ll never fill a role only God was meant to play.

5. Siblings raised in the same house can have a different memory of what went on there. And both (or all) can be true.

6. If you ask for what you want, you often get it.

7. It’s never too late.

8. Some people will never understand because they don’t want to.

9. The truth is a rare and beautiful thing and telling it takes courage.

10. Resentments are fears in disguise.

11. We forgive for ourselves, not the other person.

12. You have to be willing to be alone sometimes.

13. Things always go better when you let God handle them.

14. The best medicine is a good night’s sleep.

15. Our emotions have something to tell us, especially anger. Listen.

16. What happened in childhood must be resolved to reach our full potential.

17. Forcing things only makes them break.

18. Cooking is the most important skill a person can have.

19. Helping others is what we’re here for.

20. Happiness is not a worthy goal.

21. Waste not, want not.

22. Change is good.

23. Travel light; you can always buy it when you get there.

24. “Have nothing in your houses that is neither useful nor beautiful.” -William Morris

25. Resist making too many plans. Leave room for surprises.

26. Pay attention to your heart’s desires. God put them there for a reason.

27. Authenticity is hard but it’s worth it.

28. Don’t put off till tomorrow what you can do today.

29. If it scares you, it’s probably worth doing.

30. If you wait a beat, sometimes decisions make themselves.

31. Counting calories is a waste of time.

32. If you see a bear, keep your distance.

33. Candles are overrated.

34. The Office is the best show ever.

35. Support can come from where you least expect. And not from where you expect it.

36. Character is more important than reputation.

37. “People pleasing” is a misnomer. It’s actually fear of disapproval.

38. Ask yourself what part you play in any dispute before pointing fingers.

39. Sometimes “I don’t know,” is the best answer.

40. Failure is a necessary part of success.

41. You don’t have to let people monologue at you.

42. If you want something, write it down and tell people.

43. The value of a relationship is not dependent on its length.

44. Reading is still the greatest gift.

45. Freedom is my highest value.

46. Say what you mean and mean what you say.

47. Make your bed every morning and your room will always look neat.

48. You are worth fighting for.

49. Women’s intuition is real.

50. Heed the red flags.

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  1. Anita

    These are delightful!