7 Hallmark Christmas movies that will warm your heart

Hallmark Christmas
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My favorite part of the season is settling in front of the fireplace for some Hallmark Christmas movie cheer.

If you like to binge-watch these wonderful confections, too, I’ve compiled a list of my favorites for your viewing pleasure.

So grab the popcorn and your favorite cozy blanket.

Picture a Perfect Christmas

Sophie is a jet-setting photographer who travels the world for her job.

But when her aunt fractures her ankle, she plans to spend Christmas at home in the small town of Bainbridge.

Her new neighbor, David, is a widower with a young son. When he can’t find a nanny, Sophie steps in to help take care of the boy over Christmas.

There are several challenges to the burgeoning romance between the worldly photographer and her small-town love interest. Will they overcome them and find love?

Christmas in Rome

The best part of this film is its location! Treat yourself to the sights of Rome as you follow the story of ex-pat tour guide Amanda (Lacey Chabert) and New York executive Oliver.

The day they meet, Oliver is on his way to land a new deal for his company. While Amanda has lost her job for being too good at it.

She likes to give visitors the real Rome experience, but her company wants her to stick to the book.

Amanda helps Sam find his way around Rome, both physically and culturally, which helps him connect with his Italian client.

In return, he gives her a sample business plan and connections for a solo tour guide venture.

But what happens when he has to go back to New York? Will they make a long distance romance work?

Christmas Town

What’s a Hallmark Christmas movie list without Candace Cameron Bure? In true Hallmark fashion, Bure plays a big-city girl who plans a move to a small town to enjoy a simpler life.

But Lauren’s train is delayed in the small town of Grandon Falls. A place nicknamed “Christmas Town” for its festive spirit.

Immediately, she encounters a handsome man named Travis. Of course, they don’t hit it off at first.

While there, Lauren realizes this is the place her late father bought her most cherished Christmas ornament, a tree-topper angel.

And where he returned it to be repaired before he died. Left with only the angel’s broken wing, she decides to stay and see if she can locate the heirloom.

In the meantime, she befriends the townsfolk and becomes increasingly conflicted about whether to make her home here or keep moving toward her teaching job in Springfield.

The return of her old boyfriend puts a hurdle between her and a romance with Travis. What will she choose?

Two Turtle Doves

Dr. Sharon Harper is returning home to settle her recently deceased grandmother’s estate.

She’s an expert on loss and grief and has even been nominated for a prestigious award for her work. Now she’s dealing with grief of her own.

She immediately encounters a handsome man from her past, who also happens to be her grandmother’s estate lawyer.

He’s a widower, so grief is no stranger to him. But he covers it up for the sake of his young daughter. A decision we find out later is not the healthiest one.

At the center of the story is Sharon’s search for her grandmother’s Christmas ornament. And overcoming all the obstacles to romance between the two main characters.

Christmas Joy

Joy is a workaholic market researcher in DC who is up for a promotion just before Christmas.

Then she gets a phone call from back home that her aunt has fallen and fractured her ankle.

Joy rushes home to help and quickly encounters her former love interest, Ben. He works at the hospital where her aunt is healing.

Joy offers to take Aunt Ruby’s place as organizer of the town’s epic Christmas baking competition. But she doesn’t know what she’s in for and Ben offers to help.

At first, she refuses, but eventually lets him in and the chemistry grows between them.

But what about her job back home?

The Christmas Train

The Christmas Train is the most epic Hallmark Christmas movie you’ll likely ever see. Even though the location is basically in one place – the inside of a train!

Hallmark pulled out all the stops on this one, with a star-studded cast that includes Joan Cusack and Danny Glover.

Dermot Mulroney plays a journalist with dashed dreams. He takes the 4-day Christmas train journey from Washington, DC, to Los Angeles to surprise his girlfriend…. with a break-up.

On the train he meets an old flame, a script writer on board with her director boss played by Danny Glover.

On this epic journey, we meet a rich cast of characters. There’s also a mystery element with a thief on board and some passengers who aren’t what they seem.

Christmas at Dollywood

This one made me pine for the Smoky Mountains, one of my dream destinations.

Hallmark favorite, Danica McKellar, plays a New-York based event planner who returns home to Tennessee to organize the annual Christmas party at Dollywood.

She’s joined by the park’s manager who’s used to doing things on his own. The two clash at first but eventually warm up to each other.

In an interesting twist, they both realize the power of following their dreams. So it’s more than a straight up romance.

Of course, Dolly makes an appearance or two, and we get to share the unparalleled magic of Christmas in the Smokies.

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