Your relationship attachment style is… Anxious

Based on your responses, your attachment style is anxious. So what does that actually mean? You crave closeness, and when you don’t get it you might become a little nervous and overcompensate.

In romantic relationships, you go above and beyond to please your partner… even if that means occasionally crossing your own boundaries. You may also lose yourself in relationships by adopting the other person’s personality.

Anxious attachment styles can be sociable and may fear being on their own. They tend to fall into the category of “clingy” in relationships. They are not afraid of emotions, even if these include strong ones such as crying.

Developing a healthy self-image is vital for anxious attachment styles. With a little help, you can learn to create boundaries and develop a strong sense of self.

Want to learn more?

Discover more about anxious attachment style here. From there, you’ll have the option to find out about the other three attachment styles. That will help you better understand your friends family, and partners who might display these qualities.

Almost half of us struggle with some form of insecure attachment, so we’re never alone in our relationship challenges. Most of the time, these attachment issues develop as a result of unmet needs in childhood.

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