Why it’s better to be an introvert: 5 reasons you’re enough

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Sometimes it seems like the world was made for extroverts. An introvert has to wear a social mask to get anywhere in business or in life.

We’re made to feel weird or deficient in some way because we don’t rush to fill every silence.

But research over the last several years has shown that extroverts are the ones lacking. Introverts have most of what they need inside of them.

That’s why we require less to feel satisfied. We are thrilled with our own company and have a fascinating inner life. Reading a book is plenty for us to feel fulfilled.

Introverts require less to feel satisfied. We are thrilled with our own company and have a fascinating inner life. Click To Tweet

If you’re an introvert, reframe the idea that you’re lacking. It’s actually extroverts who lack the ability to feel satisfied without lots of external stimulation.

What a blessing to be spared the need to go out hunting down excitement every day. We’ve got all the excitement we need within ourselves.

There’s some science behind the introvert desire for less stimulation. It’s in the way we respond to dopamine. We need less of it to feel satiated.

We’re more easily satisfied by quiet pleasures like reading a book or slowly taking in works of art at a museum.

Extroverts tend not to experience the same overwhelming pleasure of these activities.

Have you noticed how extroverts race through art galleries? While introverts easily spend the whole day there.

Here are 5 reasons it’s better to be an introvert:

1. Good listeners

We observe first and talk only when we genuinely have something to contribute. Not to hear the sound of our own voices or, heaven forbid, for attention. We don’t waste words.

We don’t take others’ words at face value. We’re looking for the meaning underneath so we can connect more deeply with the speaker.

Introverts look for the meaning beneath words, so we can connect more deeply with the speaker. Click To Tweet

2. Quality over quantity

Because we dislike small talk, we make deeper connections with fewer people.

We prefer a long conversation with one person over several short chats. Because relationships to us are about so much more than being entertained.


3. Independence

Introverts are very productive when alone. We don’t need anyone else to create great work.

We thrive on extended time alone concentrating on a quiet activity. Writing, for instance, is an ideal mode of expression for an introvert.

4. Patience

Extroverts need short-term rewards in order to keep moving toward a goal. Introverts tend to be more patient and wait for the reward at the end of a long toil.

We seldom make rash decisions. Instead we do research and weigh pros and cons before committing. As a result we are less likely to make decisions we regret.

5. Unassuming

Sometimes, the innate humility of the introvert is due to society making us feel less than.

But we do benefit from our observer status, which prevents us from needing so much attention.

Because introverts don't crave the spotlight, we are seen as more trustworthy with secrets, and less gossipy. Click To Tweet

Because we don’t crave the spotlight we are seen to be more trustworthy with secrets, and less gossipy.

That’s because gossip and revealing secrets are a way to get attention, something introverts actually avoid.

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