From Confusion to Clarity

clear the fog of toxic family

A 6-week online experience to help
you overcome the barriers to success
dysfunctional family systems create.

As seen in:

do any of these sound familiar?

You keep repeating the same patterns and find it impossible to get unstuck and move forward.

Setting boundaries feels terrifying and confusing and you’ve never been able to master them effectively.

You keep self-sabotaging and holding yourself back and can’t understand why.

You find it difficult to relax or find joy in life even when you’re not busy and have a bit of time to yourself.

You can’t seem to get your needs met no matter how many vision boards or manifesting mantras you repeat.

imagine what life will be like when:

You’ve learned the tools to create a life you love based on taking baby steps toward healing from the impact of dysfunctional family abuse. You are gentle with yourself when you don’t do it perfectly.

You set effective boundaries from a solid foundation of empowerment and self-worth (not a shaky scaffolding of self-help strategies that don’t take into account your trauma history and nervous system)

You’ve gone from powerless victim to strong self-advocate, grown in self-respect and self-trust, and let go of the shame and guilt that held you back.

You attract healthier relationships and eliminate or transform unhealthy ones. You show up more authentically, discover your unique gifts and share them with the world.

You’ve uncovered the blind spots and achieved the self-awareness to create, build, and grow a life you love instead of reacting to external stressors.

If you are:

  • feeling stuck and not understanding why
  • having trouble setting effective boundaries
  • feeling misunderstood and alone, like nobody sees you
  • sure your childhood has affected you but not sure how
  • looking for more joy and ease in your life
  • battling an inner critic who won’t let you rest
  • tired of sabotaging and holding yourself back
  • dealing with dysfunctional family dynamics and toxic relationships

What’s inside the course?

session one: dysfunctional family rules and roles

The definition and features of a dysfunctional family. What is your role in this system and how has that held you back?

session two: the nervous system & window of tolerance

Discover your window of tolerance and how to regulate your nervous system so you can stop feeling under threat.

session three: setting effective boundaries and why it feels hard

Now that you’ve learned the fundamentals, find out how to set boundaries from an authentic rather than a strategic place.

session four: healing the inner child & reparenting yourself

Connect with, heal, and lead your inner child who is trying to protect you in ways that look like self-sabotage.

session five: family estrangement, limited and no contact

Reimagine and recreate toxic relationships so that your needs get met. Includes limited and no contact solutions.

session six: self-compassion, self-trust & self-advocacy

Learn the 3 pillars of self-compassion and how to become your best self-advocate instead of your own worst enemy.

You're just one step away

Do you want to finally get unstuck?

This course is for you if:


"You have a whole toolbox"

“Laura offered me unexpected tools that are so plentiful I can keep working with them for many years to come, whilst at the same time being very specific to my day to day life. She guides you and helps you make the steps. And at the end of the sessions you have a whole toolbox you can keep on working with.” -Katrien V.

“Each session for me has been lightbulb moments, a shift in perception for chronic issues, with practical and real steps on how to move forward – you can start Session One and watch the magic happen.” -Rachel H.

“So many amazing insights in all of the presentations, thank you thank you thank you!! I have too much to say so I’ll make it brief, thank you so much for this invaluable course, it changed my life. -Sherri B.

Hello, I'm Laura

A survivor of childhood emotional abuse and neglect, I began seeking therapy at age 19. Due to lack of knowledge about the impact of childhood trauma, I never received the help I needed.

Doing my own research and education over the last 12 years, getting radically honest about my family dysfunction, and working with a trauma-informed coach, helped me heal immeasurably more than talk therapy.

I trained as a coach with the only trauma-informed program in the world accredited by the ICF, and have a degree from the University of Toronto where I studied psychology and mental health.

My book ‘It’s Not Your Fault’ will be published in Fall 2023. It offers an antidote to “tough-love” with a more compassionate and empathetic approach to healing self-sabotage.

Have a question?

The course is designed to last six weeks. Each week you receive a 20-30 minute training video plus worksheets and embodied practices to implement the learning into your life.

You’ll have access to the course as long as you want. Once purchased, it’s yours to keep and re-visit over and over whenever you need it.

The regular price of the course is $297 only $197 with this introductory offer.

The weekly sessions are uploaded to the course platform each Monday. You will receive an email with your login information.

Due to the digital nature of the course and the discounted price, no refunds will be offered.

You can pay in full $197 or make two monthly payments of $99.


"it's like you're in my head!"

“Holy cow….it’s like you’re in my head, reading my mind. I have finally met someone who makes me feel seen.” -Missy D.

“This is so beautiful and resonant, Laura. Truly, thank you for giving language to this collective experience – especially for us who have grown up in emotional neglect/abuse.” -Moon

“Wow, I feel so validated because I am very dependent on weed, struggle with depression and suicidal ideations and have always felt so alone. This made me feel so seen.”

You're just one step away

Find out how to heal dysfunctional family dynamics & transform the rest of your life

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