Turning the Gaze Within

Go from confused, helpless, and alone
to fully supported, empowered & crystal clear
on how to heal dysfunctional family dynamics.

(Even when you’ve tried everything.)

As seen in:

do any of these sound familiar?

Your parents did not give you the care and attention you needed to thrive. You know it’s held you back in life but you’re not sure how or what to do about it.

You have done a lot of work on yourself, including therapy and all the self-help books under the sun, but their strategies and behavior modification haven’t worked for you long-term.

Your inner critic runs the show no matter how much positive self-talk you throw at her, and imposter syndrome stops you from fulfilling your potential.

The people who are supposed to love you don’t seem to be on your side no matter how much you give or try to make them understand. Setting boundaries with them is either terrifying or exhausting or both.

imagine what life will be like when:

You set effective boundaries from a solid foundation of empowerment and self-worth (not a shaky scaffolding of self-help strategies that don’t take into account your trauma history and nervous system)

You let go of the belief that others have to change in order for your needs to be met. You gain the confidence and clarity to assess your relationships and see how well they serve your higher self and purpose for your life.

You experience meaningful self compassion and silence the inner critic who won’t
let you relax. You tap into your intuition as a guiding system for what you need in every moment. You become your own best supporter instead of the one holding you back.

You’ve built a vision for your life which you now step into, no need for approval and no
fear of reproach. You’ve cultivated the internal systems to meet challenges head on, regulate your
emotions, and express them in ways that help you achieve your heart’s desires.

If you are:

  • feeling stuck and not understanding why
  • having trouble setting boundaries
  • feeling misunderstood and alone
  • sure your childhood has affected you but not sure how
  • looking for more joy in life
  • battling an inner critic who holds you back
  • tired of sabotaging yourself
  • dealing with dysfunctional family dynamics

What’s inside the program?

3 one-hour transformational coaching calls per month

Daily voxer support between sessions

"Life-changing" course The Self-Parenting Solution

You're just one step away

are you ready to get unstuck, invest in yourself, and stop putting your needs last?

This program is for you if:


"one of the best decisions i ever made"

“I had been seeing a psychologist for a few years without much success when I was lucky enough to find Laura on Instagram. I resonated deeply with a post and reached out for help. My health and relationships were intertwined in what seemed an endless downward spiral and I hadn’t heard anyone speak about dysfunctional families the way Laura does. Raw and true.

After the first session I knew it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Not only is Laura a warm, caring and intuitive listener – the tools and awareness I received made an immediate and positive impact on a heartbreaking situation I have been stuck in for the past 7 years or so. I felt powerless and had lost hope. Laura has helped me find both.

Over the years I have read many self-help books, listened to podcasts, and tried unsuccessfully to fix this situation on my own. Laura’s unique ability to help those struggling with a dysfunctional family or relationships and how to empower yourself is exceptional because she has been in the trenches, done the work, and come out the other side and you can feel that. She holds a genuine, non-judgemental and caring space that makes it easy to share and open up. Each session for me has been lightbulb moments, a shift in perception for chronic issues, with practical and real steps on how to move forward – you can start session 1 and watch the magic happen. Highly recommend.”

– Rachel H.

Hello, I'm Laura

A survivor of childhood emotional abuse and neglect, I began seeking therapy at age 19. Due to lack of knowledge about the impact of childhood trauma, I never received the help I needed.

Doing my own research and education over the last 12 years, getting radically honest about my family dysfunction, and working with a trauma-informed coach, helped me heal immeasurably more than during talk therapy.

I trained as a coach with the only trauma-informed program in the world accredited by the ICF, and hold a degree from the University of Toronto where I studied psychology and mental health.

My book ‘It’s Not Your Fault’ will be published in Fall 2023. It offers an antidote to “tough-love” with a more compassionate and empathetic approach to healing self-sabotage.


This is my most high-touch, exclusive, transformational program with weekly calls and additional daily Voxer access to me, plus my online course The Self-Parenting Solution.

Your investment in yourself for the three-month container is $2,400. I also offer a six-month container for $4,000. Payment plans are available on request.

I understand how hard it can be to invest in yourself when you are used to putting yourself last. If you’re ready to get unstuck and let go of old patterns, you will need to stretch outside your comfort zone. Investing in your own growth may be the first step to doing that.

If finances are a true barrier at this time, I lovingly hold space for you. However, I encourage you to ask yourself if this is another example of you putting your own needs on the backburner. And where that has gotten you so far.

Due to the nature of the program, there are no refunds. Please consider your investment carefully, and reach out if you have any questions.

Your results are largely dependent on the commitment you make to your own growth. I will give you the tools you need to change your life; it’s up to you to use them. With that said, most of my clients begin to see tangible results after the first session.

Yes! I’m happy to answer any questions you have. Book a connection call here.


"find the best version of yourself"

“How we view the world and others are ingrained in infancy
and childhood. If our needs aren’t met it’s hard to build trust
and love. Laura explores these issues and others to help you
find the best version of yourself.”

-Julie S.

“The weekly sessions were beyond my expectations. When I started, I thought they would help me not fall back into old patterns, but they did so much more than that. They really helped me from the very first one to drastically change my daily experiences in a huge way. Laura offered me unexpected tools that are so plentiful I can keep working with them for many years to come, whilst at the same time being very specific to my day-to-day life.”

-Katrien V.

“Your words feel like a warm hug I have been wanting for a
long time. Everything you say is deeply impactful. Thank you
for everything you do.”


You're just one step away

It's time to Heal so you can finally step into your promising present and fulfilling future