As a survivor of childhood emotional abuse and neglect, I began seeking help from therapists at the age of 19.

Due to lack of knowledge in the industry about the impact of childhood trauma on adult outcomes, I never received the help I needed. This, in spite of years and thousands of dollars spent on the couch.

Doing my own research on c-ptsd over the last several years, and getting radically honest about the dysfunction in my family, helped me heal immeasurably more than during talk therapy.

Then, I embarked on a three-month coaching journey that took my healing to the next level. This showed me the power of coaching to transform lives quickly and inspired me to train as a trauma-informed coach.

My coaching style involves deep listening and discernment that people say helps them understand in a moment things that have puzzled them their whole lives.

“I have never spoken to anyone who understands as much as you.”

“Your words feel like a warm hug I have been wanting for a long time. Everything you say is deeply impactful.

“Laura, I’ve learned so much and I’m so grateful for you.”

My approach uses deep insight and understanding to help you uncover the road blocks that keep you stuck, so that you can move forward and claim the authentic and purposeful life you were meant to live. Here’s how it works:

1. Uncover blind spots

In this step, we reveal the underlying reasons why you hold yourself back. Setting boundaries and prioritizing yourself feel impossible on a cellular level for many good reasons. Until you understand those reasons, it’s difficult to set effective boundaries which arise from a foundation of self-worth and empowerment.

2. Discover your desires

This is where you go within to discover what it is you actually want. Buried needs and desires get coaxed to the surface where they can finally be fulfilled. You turn from an external to an internal focus to heal and reparent the inner child. You give her the care and attention she never received, so she can stop “protecting” you through self-sabotage.

3. Radical self-compassion

With your inner child healed, you can experience meaningful self care and compassion. You will silence the inner critic who won’t let you relax, and tap into your intuition as a guiding system for what you need in every moment. You will become your own best supporter instead of the one holding you back. This is where your direction becomes more clear.

4. Releasing others

Here’s where you let go of the belief that others have to change in order for your needs to be met. Your self-worth emerges as the motivating factor behind boundary-setting rather than behavioral strategies that haven’t worked. You may rethink certain relationships at this stage and assess how well they are serving your higher self and purpose for your life.

5. Authentic alignment

You’ve uncovered the reasons you hold yourself back. You’ve taken an inventory of your deeply buried goals and desires. You’ve healed your inner child and set effective boundaries from a seat of self-worth. You’ve silenced the inner critic and become your own best advocate.

Now, you get to share your most authentic self with the world – no more hiding. You’ve built a vision for your life which you now step into, no need for approval and no fear of reproach. You’ve cultivated the internal systems to meet challenges head on, regulate your emotions, and express them in ways that help you achieve your heart’s desires.

If you are…

  • feeling stuck and not understanding why
  • having trouble setting boundaries
  • feeling misunderstood and alone
  • sure your childhood has affected you but uncertain how
  • looking for more joy in life
  • battling an inner critic who holds you back
  • tired of sabotaging yourself
  • dealing with dysfunctional family dynamics

… you are a good candidate for coaching. I understand how hard it can be to invest in yourself when you are used to putting yourself last.

When I signed up for my first coaching package, it felt wildly self-indulgent. At the same time, it was necessary to break through the barriers that held me back from fulfilling my true potential.

After a few sessions, the progress made was worth all the money in the world. Unlike the behavior modification of past therapy (which worked for a while but never lasted), there was true transformation from the inside out.

I believe the same transformation is available to you. If you’re ready to get unstuck and let go of old patterns, fill out the form below: