Your relationship attachment style is… Disorganized

Based on your responses, your attachment style is disorganized, also known as fearful-avoidant. So what does that actually mean? You long for intimacy, but it makes you uncomfortable, so you may hold yourself back because you are afraid of being hurt.

In romantic relationships, you may struggle to trust your partner and seek constant confirmation of their love. If the other person doesn’t understand your attachment style, they might see your behavior as needy or confusing.

People with disorganized attachment believe they are unworthy of love. They often use faulty defense mechanisms to protect themselves from rejection. They have difficulty accepting and asking for help and may avoid social interaction.

Learning to trust people is the first step with disorganized attachment. As you “earn” a more secure attachment style, you’ll attract secure people who will help you heal further.

Want to learn more?

Discover more about disorganized attachment style here. From there, you have the option to find out about the other three attachment styles, so you can better understand your friends, family, and partners who might display these qualities.

Almost half of us struggle with some form of insecure attachment, so we’re never alone in our relationship challenges. Most of the time, these attachment issues develop as a result of unmet needs in childhood.

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