How to envision your future to create the life you want

envision your future
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Do you believe that when you envision your future you create it? I used to doubt this school of thought, but mounting evidence in my life says otherwise.

The latest support for this theory came yesterday when Oprah’s people called me. Yes, you read that right. They contacted me to discuss an article of mine that described how her show got me through a tough time.

When I wrote the piece a couple of years ago, I had imagined myself on Oprah’s famous couch discussing my experience with her. I had tried to tell myself they’d never find my obscure article, let alone care about it.

But, my subconscious must have known better because two years later Oprah’s people called me. Never mind the couch no longer exists as the show has been over for years.

I’ve heard the subconscious mind controls 98% of what happens to us. What we say we want has little impact on what we get. Unless the subconscious mind agrees.

What happens when you envision your future

envision your future

When you envision your future as I did with my pantomime on Oprah’s couch, you set an intention. If your subconscious mind says yes, you’ll see that intention become reality.

This has happened in my life over and over in all areas. A real-life romantic encounter unfolded according to a scene I had written while experiencing the emotions of that thing happening now.

That scene came to life within weeks of my writing it. Other times when you envision your future it happens instantly. Still others, like my Oprah incident, take years to come to fruition.

When you envision your future, it’s important to feel as if you’re experiencing it in the present moment. Then, it’s equally important to let go of all attachment to the outcome.

That’s the hardest part, the letting go. And you can’t fake it, because your subconscious mind will know the difference.

It’s not the why or how of your vision that matters. Nor how big or small the request. It’s the belief on a subconscious level that when you envision your future you make it so.

After you set that intention in motion, all you have to do is let it go. Then, minutes, days, months, or years later, you get the surprise.

But it won’t come as a surprise so much as a confirmation. You’ll realize that all you believed possible for your life, actually was.

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