How to benefit from a full moon release ceremony

full moon release
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Have a you ever done a full moon release ceremony? I attended my first one last month and it made a massive impact on me.

You can do one alone, of course, but the energy of the group might increase its effectiveness. Mine was held in a local park with about a dozen people.

Apparently, the full moon offers a prime time to release something negative you no longer want to hold on to. While the new moon provides a time to set an intention.

At my first full moon release ceremony, we began with a personalized mantra according to our sun sign. Mine, Capricorn, said, “embrace your emotions”. Capricorns are notorious for keeping their emotions under wraps, you see.

The facilitator then instructed us to write on a piece of paper what we intended to release. I decided to write down “timidity”, something I’ve struggled with all my life.

In releasing timidity I would step into boldness instead. That might include speaking up for what I want, initiating more often, and generally refusing to hide instead of shine.

While the others would light their papers in a fire-proof bowl, I decided to embrace emotions starting now. Water represents emotions in astrology so I drowned my release statement instead.

full moon release

For me, the full moon release ceremony was nothing more than a fun outing and a new thing to try. However, after releasing timidity I began to show up more boldly in my life without much effort.

This proves our minds have the power to change our realities. It didn’t matter whether we burned or drowned or crumpled our papers and put them in the garbage. Our minds made the connection with the help of the full moon energy.

For me, change came fast and I began acting in ways that seemed unrecognizable to me. These showed up in dating, work, and family situations and reaped benefits I’d been working years to achieve.

It’s a full moon tonight and I’ll do another release, this time to let go of control. In these uncertain times, getting comfortable with not knowing seems essential to happiness.

What will you release during the full moon?

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