How to invest in yourself and what that really means

invest in yourself
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You’ve probably heard how important it is to invest in yourself. But what does that really mean?

To invest in yourself does not mean going into debt and crippling yourself financially. Yes, there are times we need to put down money for a later return.

However, investing in yourself does not mean throwing money at expensive objects because you deserve it in a “treat yo self” kind of way. That’s self-sabotage.

invest in yourself

Investing in yourself does not always require money, either. Here are 7 ways to invest in yourself smartly.

1. Schedule me time.

Before anything else, you should schedule me time into your calendar. Depending on your personality and stage of life, that looks different for everyone.

It might mean the first hour of your day gets reserved for quiet time and prayer or meditation. It could look like penciling in dinner with friends on a Tuesday night.

Don’t give away your time to everyone else before leaving white space open for yourself.

Don't give away your time to everyone else before leaving white space open for yourself. Click To Tweet

2. Life advice.

Whether with a therapist or life coach, getting professional advice on where you’re headed in life can be a profound way to invest in yourself.

Even though the dividends come in how you feel rather than cold hard cash, you prove to yourself you’re worth the expense.

And often what you learn about yourself raises your value, which can result in more money coming your way.

3. Career advice.

Most successful business people say they only got to the next level by hiring a coach. We need the expertise of others who are where we want to be.

Investing in yourself this way can be hard because there’s no guarantee of results. But I can attest to growing in leaps and bounds after just one 60-minute coaching call with a professional.

4. Take up a hobby.

invest in yourself

All work and no play leads to an unbalanced life. We need time to reconnect with our playful and creative sides. To nurture skills without the pressure of making money or being “productive”.

Hobbies help us remember what lights us up inside. They tell us that we’re worthy of spending time on, even when we’re not earning monetarily.

5. Get a good night’s sleep.

We have so many excuses for not getting enough rest. But sleep is as important to our bodies as food. When we deny ourselves at least 7 hours, we’re depriving ourselves of the very thing that gives us life.

And seven hours may not be enough. Highly sensitive people, for instance, need more than eight hours to feel “right”. I’m an HSP and have discovered that nine hours a night is my sweet spot.

6. Develop yourself.

This could mean attending a personal growth seminar. Or reading books in the self-help category.

You’ll discover so much about yourself when you get curious and invest in yourself through trainings that build your self-development muscle.

7. Take a vacation.

At the time of this writing, barriers to travel prevent many of us from attacking that bucket list. But when possible, plan a vacation somewhere you’ve never been before.

Some people say it’s a good idea to visit somewhere new every year. But, you can visit a familiar place with fresh eyes by creating a theme for your trip.

What other ways do you invest in yourself?

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