How to celebrate national Just Because Day: 5 ideas

just because day
Photo by Alexandra Vázquez on Unsplash

Today is officially known as Just Because Day. That means you need no reason or explanation for doing what you want (as long as it’s legal).

Nothing holds you back today from celebrating life in a way that seems silly or wasteful on any other day.

If you’re like me and letting go of control poses a challenge, Just Because Day is the perfect time to practice. Here are a few things I’m doing, and you can, too, to take advantage of this sweet opportunity.

1. Dance like no one is watching.

I’ll be joining a group for an “ecstatic dance” session. This is nothing more than free form dance without talking or alcohol (two of my least favorite things).

You can also dance in your living room to your favorite playlist. Dance is a fun and effective way to get out of your head and into your body. It helps you relax and re-connect with yourself.

2. Wear something wild on Just Because Day.

Pull out that jaunty fedora you never wear because it seems a little much. Wrap a feather boa around your neck as you walk down the street. Or simply add a little sparkle to a dull outfit.

Most of us have dumbed down our fashion sense due to isolation. Now that things are opening up (and even if they’re not where you are), wearing something fun can brighten your mood and lift your confidence.

just because day

3. Take a risk on Just Because Day.

This could mean asking someone out. Or sharing something with a friend to increase intimacy. Posting an imperfect pic on social media. What does risk look like to you?

4. Buy yourself something nice.

I’m going for a new coffee maker. What’s something you can buy for yourself not because you need it, but just because. Money’s no object here; your treat could be a stick of candy.

5. Reach out to someone.

This might mean sending them a “thinking of you” card. Calling out of the blue. Emailing that person you’ve lost touch with for years. Or driving miles to visit a loved one.

The possibilities never end on Just Because Day. Throw reason out the window for once and let go of your need to control every detail.

Act like a little kid for one day; the one you maybe never got to be when you were a child.

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