How to know your life purpose and how not to pick the wrong one

life purpose
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What is your life purpose? It’s easy to become obsessed with finding your unique purpose. And scared of picking the wrong one.

Asking for a sign is rarely the right way to go. What if we’ve already got our heart set on something?

We’ll say anything is a sign to get the green light to pursue our own will.

Discovering your life purpose can be a journey rather than a destination. It’s an ongoing discipline to pursue God’s plan for your life.

Discovering your life purpose can be a journey rather than a destination. It's an ongoing discipline to pursue God's plan for your life. Click To Tweet

Here are 5 ways to gain clarity on your life purpose.

1. Listen.

Prayer and quiet time help draw you closer to God. Bring your requests and wait for the response.

Listen to that voice inside that’s leading the way. Whether you call it God, the universe, or your intuition, you’re more likely to hear when you listen closely.

2. Pay attention to the desires of your heart.

That doesn’t mean you’ll have everything you want. But your heart’s desires can give clues as to what you’re supposed to move toward.

life purpose

3. Use your gifts.

Don’t pretend to be something you’re not, like an extrovert when you’re an introvert. God created us all differently to fulfil different roles in the world.

Your life purpose will involve using your gifts. So, hone your talents rather than ignoring them. Or spending too much time improving your weaknesses.

4. Have faith.

This is a hard one. In my experience, God requires me to step out in faith before the net appears.

The assurance never comes before I take the risk. Even when it doesn’t make any earthly sense.

This works in reverse as well. If doors are closing, perhaps there’s a reason. Resist the urge to force them open.

That would be insisting on your own will rather than having faith that your time will come. Learn how to discern between a healthy challenge and a truly closed door.

5. Accountability.

Seek friends or a small group who will encourage and support you on your journey. Surround yourself with like-minded people who want to see you grow.

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