How to go on a 21-day pleasure diet

pleasure diet
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Have you ever gone on a pleasure diet? I’m not talking about eating things that make you happy (though that can be part of it). I mean engaging in pleasure-seeking activities to reconnect with yourself.

Often our lives become so consumed with have-tos, we forget about the importance of want-tos. That leads to feelings of heaviness and burden that take all the pleasure out of life.

Over-responsibility makes us feel overwhelmed, grumpy, anxious, and confused. When we’re disconnected from pleasure, we tend to lose trust in ourselves and our intuition.

Pleasure helps us step out of the masculine doing mode and into the feminine receiving mode. Of course, we need a balance of both for a healthy and prosperous life.

But many of us are missing out on the feeling of being cared for and need to give it to ourselves. It’s part of the reparenting process that helps us get our needs met now, even when we never got them met in the past.

It’s true you have to love yourself before you can love anyone else well. A pleasure diet will help you show yourself that love and remind you of your worthiness.

You are worthy of receiving care and attention as much as you give it (more!). I’m currently engaging in a 21-day pleasure diet. Here are a few ideas that will keep your self care bucket full.

Ideas for a 21-day pleasure diet

  1. Eat a piece of quality chocolate.
  2. Take a luxurious bath.
  3. Order a lovely meal.
  4. Cook yourself a delicious dinner.
  5. Go window shopping without an agenda.
  6. Buy yourself some beautiful lingerie.
  7. Get a manicure.
  8. Get a blow out.
  9. Enjoy a pedicure.
  10. Indulge in a massage.
  11. Give yourself an essential oil massage.
  12. Walk in nature.
  13. Curl up and watch a cozy movie.
  14. Laugh out loud to animal videos.
  15. Listen to your favorite music.
  16. Dance.
  17. Read a light novel.
  18. Go out with a friend.
  19. Enjoy a cup of herbal tea.
  20. Visit an art gallery.
  21. Buy yourself fresh flowers.

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