Your relationship attachment style is… Secure

Based on your responses, your attachment style is secure. So what does that actually mean? You’re comfortable both on your own and with others, and while you enjoy sharing quality time with friends and family, you don’t depend on them for your own wellbeing.

In romantic relationships, you are confident in yourself. You don’t worry about rejection or losing yourself in your partner’s personality. You know your boundaries and how to express them without coming off cold.

Secure attachment styles are able to seek help when they know they need it, and help others in return. They are comfortable in a healthy, interdependent relationship.

You may notice, however, that you attract people with a more insecure attachment style. That means they either create emotional distance or act clingy and needy.

While your secure attachment does have the power to make an insecurely attached partner more secure, there is the danger of their insecurities turning your secure attachment into an insecure one.

Want to learn more?

Discover more about attachment styles, starting here. You’ll have the opportunity to find out about all four styles, which will help you better understand your friends and partners who display attributes of insecure attachment.

Almost half of us struggle with some form of insecure attachment, so it’s helpful to know why others might behave in certain ways. Most of the time, these insecure attachments develop as a result of unmet needs in childhood.

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