Simple living: 5 ways eating the same lunch every day will change your life

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Eleven years ago, I started my personal journey toward minimalism and simple living. Since then, my life has changed in many ways, including how I eat.

My need for constant variety has faded since learning it’s not important for a happy and fulfilling life. Now, I prepare and cook the same meals over and over and feel healthier and less stressed.

That’s why an Atlantic article about people who eat the same meal every day intrigued me. The author interviewed employees who ate the identical lunch each day at work, sometimes for decades.

Here are five ways they found simple living through a routine diet improves well-being:

1. Streamlines decision-making

In the Atlantic article, employees gave simpler decision-making as a primary reason for their repetitive meal-planning.

Eating the same thing every day brought consistency to a chaotic work day and gave them one less thing to worry about.

Who ever decided eating had to be exciting or varied? Sure, it’s fun to go to a restaurant now and then.

But wouldn’t you love to give up the daily struggle and stress of “what will I make for lunch today?”

2. Provides comfort and security

If you have children, they tend not to get bored with the same meal as long as they like the food.

In fact, kids enjoy consistency in their meals, ie., Taco Tuesday. It gives them comfort knowing what to expect.

3. Saves time and money

The employees in the Atlantic article saw variety and excitement in meals as expensive and time-consuming.

Trying to emulate Gordon Ramsay in the kitchen makes grocery trips complicated and exhausting. Stick to simple meals with fewer ingredients.

4. Keeps you healthy

The desire for an exciting meal every day leads to unhealthy weight gain. Those interesting meals are often high in fat and calories.

Opting for a healthy, balanced diet keeps you fit, helps control your weight, and reduces stress by limiting decisions.

And making lunch rather than eating out lets you know exactly what you’re taking into your body.

5. Reveals deeper issues

Simple living through a more basic diet can uncover a general lack of fulfillment in your life.

Rather than accepting or addressing boredom at work, for instance, some employees look forward to lunch in a way that borders on obsessive.

You know, the ones who start thinking out loud about what they’ll eat at noon starting at 10:30 am. Not you, of course 🙂

Final thoughts

Simple living has a beneficial impact in all areas of life, including your diet, which enhances your personal growth and peace of mind.

When you stop looking to food to fill you up, you begin to address areas of life that need improvement. Click To Tweet

When you stop looking to food to fill you up, you begin to address areas of life that need improvement.

When you embrace a more predictable diet and meal plan, you make more time to deal with those things.

You have increased energy, more money, easier grocery store visits, better weight control, and a clearer mind.

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