Focus on what you want to have what you want

focus on what you want
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It may sound obvious, but the key to fulfilling your heart’s desires is to focus on what you want.

It’s human nature to worry about what we don’t have, be it money, success, or love. However, bringing attention to things you don’t want only creates more of the same.

That’s because we’re powerful beings who can alter our realities based on where we focus our attention. This is great news because it means you have a choice about what comes into your life.

When you focus on what you want, hold it loosely. That means, feel the feeling of having what you want instead of experiencing it as something you don’t have yet.

Feelings of desperation and neediness won’t bring in what you desire. Envisioning what you want, feeling how you’ll feel when you get there, then letting it go, works best.

Focus on what you want in love

focus on what you want

There’s an ease to creating what you want in your life. For example, if you’re dating and keep meeting mismatches, continue to focus on what you want.

Too many people get discouraged when every date isn’t “the one”. Instead, view the process as helping you get clear on what you want and don’t want.

Notice how each person displays more of the qualities you desire. Thank them for what they did have to offer, then continue to envision your ideal relationship.

When you treat dating (and life) as a growth process, you’ll enjoy it more. These good feelings will invite in more of what you want. And feeling good is the best goal to set for yourself.

When you set goals for how you feel over external metrics, your quality of life improves. No more frustration over not getting what you want. And you stop giving up on things when they don’t appear right away.

You’re enjoying the flow of life. Your sense of adventure increases and the world becomes a playground of sorts. You become softer and less rigid, and that’s attractive.

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