How to let go of limiting beliefs that hold you back from your best life

limiting beliefs
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What are limiting beliefs? They are those thoughts and feelings you take as fact that prevent you from living your best life.

Often limiting beliefs arise as a result of the way you were raised. They feel like such a part of you that you can’t imagine life without them.

Limiting beliefs may be there to protect us from perceived threats. For example, I’ve wrestled with an ongoing limitation around finances.

Limiting beliefs may be there to protect us from perceived threats. Click To Tweet

Because I grew up with financial lack, I’ve been terrified of investing money that doesn’t guarantee economic return. Only recently have I invested in myself for the ROI of self improvement.

My limiting beliefs around money are a protective mechanism against the perceived poverty that ensues when I invest in myself. So, how do we let go of our limiting beliefs and live our best lives? Here are 5 ways.

1. Be courageous.

You have to call out your limiting beliefs and act in spite of them. It took courage for me to invest in myself without a tangible ROI.

You’ll challenge years of programming and imprinting and do what feels unnatural. These beliefs don’t go away unless you push through the fear.

2. Develop yourself to bust limiting beliefs.

The labels we place on ourselves act as limiting beliefs that hold us back. For example, you might suppress your artistic side because you’re a “science person”.

But if you take time to develop different sides to yourself, you’ll see a new, more fulfilling future unfold. Many left-brained people have learned to write in order to share their messages with the world.

3. Meditate.

limiting beliefs

Spend some time in meditation envisioning a future version of yourself. How do you want to feel and what are the qualities you wish to embody?

Begin to imagine yourself as this person with these qualities and experiencing those feelings. Our emotions have the power to bring things into being and create a new reality.

4. Be kind to your inner critic or coward.

When it’s time for me to move forward or on to the next level, my stomach protests. I feel fear and anxiety in my gut, my body’s version of putting on the brakes.

The key is not to ignore or avoid those feelings, but acknowledge them. Thank your inner Nervous Nellie for protecting you from danger. Though misguided, she cares for you and is doing her best to keep you safe.

You can even have a conversation with her or journal your gratitude for her presence. Practice acknowledging these signs in your body, rather than disregarding them.

It’s important not to discount your body’s distress signals because they also protect you from real threats. The trick is to discern the difference and that means paying attention rather than dismissing them.

5. Trust yourself to break limiting beliefs.

Many of our limiting beliefs come from the world’s messages or the opinions of others. You can’t imagine a different life because you’re surrounded by small-minded people.

Many of our limiting beliefs come from the world's messages or the opinions of others. Click To Tweet

In addition to meeting more open-minded people, tap into your own inner knowing. Be a little stubborn when it comes to following your hunches.

When people question your choices or try to dampen your excitement with “reason”, stick to your vision. Don’t get angry or insistent because emotion creates outcomes.

Instead, pay scant attention to naysayers and save your precious emotional output for your dreams and desires. Let their comments and criticisms go or treat them like that inner Nervous Nellie.

They want to hold you back because they fear for your safety. But staying safe and comfortable is never going to help you step into the life you desire.

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