How to use meditation to shift your hard work mindset

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I know from experience that the best things in my life never came from hard work. And when I started a morning meditation practice (literally sitting there doing nothing), money began to appear.

My biggest windfalls arrived, not from extra effort, but from releasing and making space to receive.

That’s the opposite of what we’re taught, which is that success comes from pushing harder.

I used to believe that old adage until I took note of the fact that my hard work rarely resulted in success.

Now, of course, I took action. But meditation put me in the frame of mind to receive more.

Meditation relaxes your mind and lowers stress hormones like cortisol and noradrenaline (which causes the fight or flight response).

Since I meditate first thing in the morning, I approach my work with a spirit of calm and relaxation rather than fear and desperation.

Meditation vs. hard work


Shifting your mindset this way to one of receiving rather than pushing will invite in more abundance.

That’s because driving toward a goal often comes from a fear-based mindset. And fear repels rather than attracts.

You may even wind up attracting what you fear. That’s what we call a self-fulfilling prophecy.

For example, you have to make $5K this month so you push a new product launch. With fear in the driver’s seat, the launch will likely fail.

And even if you do achieve the monetary goal, how do you feel? Nervous system shot and frazzled? Exhausted and burnt out?

You might feel better and make more money if you worked on your mindset instead.

For me, meditating an hour in the morning invited in amounts I never considered possible. And it’s not something I could have set goals around because the sources were unexpected.

Who would think to set a $10K goal around a single affiliate link? This is the kind of surprise income that came in after I started meditating.

I used to think focusing on a goal was the way to achieve it. Now, though I still set goals, I hold them loosely.

Set the goal and surrender it to God or the universe to take care of its fulfillment, or something better.

Like I said, you take the action of creating the product or service. But rather than frantically promoting, you align with the spirit of receiving.

Then trust what’s best for you will arrive, without fear and with your nervous system intact.

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